JEB assists worlwide companies penetrating European market through Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development and Private Placements.

Focusing on small-sized but innovative and promising internet companies, JEB helps its clients identify investors and develop their business through seed money. JEB can also become an investor and a shareholder of those companies.

JEB is dedicated to helping small and medium sized companies to develop their core business. Through its worldwide network of angel investors and venture capitalists, JEB assists those companies in raising funds for preleminary operations such as market research or product development.

JEB can deepen the partnership with its clients by investing on its own money and become a shareholder of the most promising companies.


Buy Mandates
JEB Consulting & Investment helps rehab near me companies all the over the world to penetrate European High-Technology market through Mergers and Acquisitions.

It provides the following services to its clients :

  • Systematic approach to identifying targets
  • Professional in-depth survey of each local market
  • Uncovering hidden M&A opportunities

Sell Mandates
JEB Consulting & Investment assists clients in the sale of small and medium-sized companies, whose products are of international interest. The number of companies worldwide able to acquire companies in this category can be considerable. A systematic search can add value to industrial assets by identifying unexpected buyers from different countries.

JEB Consulting & Investment provides the following services to its clients:

  • Company valuation
  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Identification and evaluation of potential synergies
  • Preparation of the company’s presentation and business plan

We work with worldwide internet and technology companies (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA, Israel) on creative projects to provide growth strategic solutions.


With offices in Luxembourg, Paris, London, New York and Tel Aviv, JEB provides its clients a global vision of this fast paced market that new technologies represent.