JEB Consulting & Investment assists its clients in breaking through European markets via business development and strategic alliances.

JEB delivers foresight and strategic direction, giving its clients a prescriptive advantage as they identify marketing touchpoints of the future. We serve as active advisors and partners to high-tech companies and we create opportunities for their clients and consumers.

JEB also helps its clients in identifying new technologies and creating strategic partnerships in Europe. Through its network of European, American and Israeli offices and partners, JEBC bridges new companies all over the world.


JEB provides the ability for European and worldwide companies to initiate strategic partnerships and develop their business in Europe.

JEB is working with an international team composed of professionals implanted in Europe, America and Israel with expertise in Marketing, Finance, Strategy and Technology

Complementary services : Financial consulting, business development, strategic alliances and development, market analysis…


In Europe, America and Israel, JEB has developed a network of collaborators with expertise in finance, marketing and communication. All of our associates has a strong knowledge of the internet and the e-business, providing our clients the most accurate vision of this market.


We work with worldwide internet and technology companies (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA, Israel) on creative projects to provide growth strategic solutions.


With offices in Luxembourg, Paris, London, New York and Tel Aviv, JEB provides its clients a global vision of this fast paced market that new technologies represent.